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Holiday flats with in Laion Ried - Enjoy regional dishes

Book at the Ausservogelweiderhof and indulge yourself in a world of culinary delights during your vacation

This includes a rich breakfast, which is served every day from 7.30 AM to 9.30 AM in our own breakfast room.

We offer regional products as well as our farm-own products. Tea with herbs from our own production (chamomile blossoms, lime blossoms, elder blossoms, peppermint), coffee - milk - homemade marmalades - farm-own apple juice syrup of various berries - honey - muesli (cereal mill) - yogurt - eggs - homemade cakes - cheese - bacon - sausages - fresh fruit depending on the season and dried berries- Grains from our own production (kamut, oats, buckwheat).